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Day in a Fiscal Paradise: Chasing Letterbox Leads in Luxembourg

The intercom in this Luxembourg City office park crackles a bit as a spokesman for the German energy giant Eon takes a breath. He’s in a really bad mood after being asked just a few questions about the company’s billion-dollar transactions that shifted profits out of Germany. He says he can’t say anything on the topic, and refuses to allow anyone inside the office.

“Forget it,” he says, “there’s no way you’re coming up.”



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The Twilight of the Civvies: Germany To Scale Back Mandatory Civilian Service

By Candice Novak

Angela Merkel's cabinet moved this week to shorten the country's obligatory military conscription from nine months down to six. But the move will also mean deep cuts to the civilian service required of conscientious objectors that, over the years, has become a vital part of the German social safety net.

Michael Sonntag may have a breathing tube taped to his throat, but he's still a real talker. Most of the people in the Berlin facility for the handicapped where he is a resident have trouble speaking or can't do so at all. But Sonntag takes up the slack, and these days he knows he is speaking on behalf of his fellow residents.



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San Francisco rises to German bread challenge

Add one self-made San Francisco entrepreneur and one master baker from Bavaria. Stir well and let rise. The result, it seems, is pretty yummy and proves tastes across the Atlantic aren't so different after all.

"If you can't slice bread, you can't be wed!" So goes the old German saying, speaking to the significance and ubiquity of bread in the culture. Josey Baker (yes, that's his real name) and Josef Wagner have come together over bread - incidentally, in the home of the sour dough: San Francisco, California.

The two professional bakers and café owners will be baking, trading and slicing quite a lot of the carb-heavy staple together in the coming weeks.