What is the point of life?

Reporter + photographer, The Establishment

‘Jasmine Is My Street Name’

Reporter + photographer, The Establishment


Death by salmonella

Translator + editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Chasing Letterbox Leads in Luxembourg

Translator + editor, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Snowden Leaks: How a Vodafone Subsidiary Aided Spying Efforts

Translator, Süddeutsche Zeitung International

‘Islamic State’: A Bureaucracy of Terror

Translator, NDR + Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Last Stop: Caracas

Translator + editor Süddeutsche Zeitung International

The dubious Colombia exports of German arms manufacturer Sig Sauer

Translator + editor Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Heir to Nazi-looted Matisse wants to give back “Seated Woman"

Translator, Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Asylum Seekers in Germany Unwittingly Used As Intelligence Sources

Contributing editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Germany: Ally and Accomplice in U.S. ‘War on Terror’

Contributing editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung International

Ramstein: Little America


An interview with Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks: Julian Assange’s associate and Snowden’s guardian angel

Contributing editor + translator, Süddeutsche Zeitung International


San Francisco rises to German bread challenge

Reporter + photographer, Deutsche Welle


Petzhold's 'Barbara' Challenges US Cinema-goers

Reporter, Deutsche Welle


The Twilight of the 'Civvies'

Reporter, Der Spiegel


Berliners Fear 'Little Baghdad'

Reporter, Der Spiegel


Berlin's last squat ends as legit housing projects flourish

Reporter, Deutsche Welle


When in doubt, drag out the stigmatizing stereotypes

Reporter, Global Post


Berlin's cityscape illustrates evolving German identity

Reporter, Deutsche Welle


Advertisers and street artists swap tactics in Berlin

Reporter, Deutsche Welle


Berlin's mysterious war memorial faces uncertain future

Reporter, Deutsche Welle


Angry, MGH heart patient challenged process

Reporter, Boston Globe


Courts strip elders of their independence

Reporter, Boston Globe